Week 8

Rachael Benton, Staff

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To go to an University in the United States, (usually) it is required to take 2 years of a foreign language in order to be an acceptable applicant.


Many students have a love/hate for the idea of having a foreign language class at all,  let alone two. Many school, mainly high school provide the classes in order to prepare students for their college requirements. Some students say learning another language is pointless in general because it won’t go to use. Others say it’s an opportunity to not only learn a new language but widens the field of working for many.


“I think yes, we should have two years of a language class because depending on what language you take, you could use that in life and it could help you get jobs.”  (Jasmine, Millennium senior)


How much do students actually learn from foreign language programs? According to the Board of Education, only 30% of students who take a foreign language class actually prosper into becoming fluent from the language.


What about the uses of foreign language?


Foreign language is extremely beneficial to students who want to pursue careers that involve or support around it. But the requirements put pressure on students to the point of them not taking advantage of the knowledge at hand.

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Week 8