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Choir is certainly not “formal, stuffy, or boring” as most people tend to think it is. There’s a lot more effort that goes into getting ready for performances, but along the way you can get involved in something that could make your high school experience a bit better.


Blake Sullivan is one of the hundreds of students at Millennium HIgh School that is actively involved in choir class. He is part of ‘Concert Choir’ which is the more advanced class for singers. Blake started out in just doing performing arts but he decided to give choir a chance because “you can get ahead in life if you have singing and acting under your belt,” and he definitely isn’t wrong. Majority of record and label companies and acting agents will more times than not, choose the candidate that can specialize in both singing and acting fields. When asked what type of notes he can produce, Blake just about listed it all by saying, “I sing bass and baritone which is the lowest notes…however I can also sing tenor which is the highest notes for a guy.”


As stated before, many don’t give choir a chance because they believe that it is “formal, stuffy, and boring.” You’d think this is the case but behind the scene fun can happen. “My favorite thing about choir is definitely the people and the environment that comes from it because we’re like a family, we act like a family and it’s really fun,” Blake said when asked about why he enjoys choir so much. However, just because you can have fun while being involved in choir, that doesn’t necessarily mean that it is for everyone. Blake made sure to let us know that “It’s difficult. You think choir is easy, you think it’s just singing and stuff, however you actually have to put work into it. It is sight reading, you have to be able to look at the page and sing the notes, you have to know the notes and learn them over time. It’s a skill. Just like any other skill when you first start, you suck at it, but you just have to develop over time.”


So, if you’re looking for a new activity to be part of but you don’t want any extra homework to take home at night, then choir is definitely for you. “it’’ll take none of your free time because you never have homework and you’ll end up having fun,” Blake suggested as his take away.


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