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ArtWalking into the L building at Millennium High School, there are 2 display cases of all types of art that students from all grades have produced. From pop art to self portraits, there’s no doubt that the students at MHS have incredible talent. Dani is one of those students who takes art class as an elective. She gave us the inside scoop of what art class is like.


“I decided to take art class because it motivates me to be more creative and to express how I feel on paper. I can do whatever I want. There’s absolutely no limits as to what you could do,” Dani said when asked why she chooses to be involved in art. Not everyone is too open to the opportunity of taking an art class because they are convinced that they will be judged by what they produce, especially if they are not too good. However, Dani ensured us that is not the case by saying “It’s doesn’t matter if you’re good or bad, other people will still appreciate your art and you won’t be discriminated.”


Art class is not just pencil drawings on a piece of paper, it’s much more than that. Watercolour, inks, and oils are some of the several types of tools that are available when producing art. “I like to use acrylic paint. I always draw this girl and my own little character. I like how I have my own style and it’s not the same as everybody else,” Dani expressed when telling us about her favorite tool to use. For someone who is hesitant or considering joining art class, Dani encourages you to “Just do it. It’s fun to always try something once. You can’t say you’re horrible at art when you’ve never tried it. In reality, nobody is horrible, we all just have a different style.”

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