Theatre Program featuring Nick Cusmano

Andrea Palacios, Staff

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The Theater Program at Millennium continues to grow stronger and stronger.  We decided to interview a Theater 3 student so that a deeper understanding of the program could be brought to life.

Nick Cusmano, a senior here at Millennium, became interested in Theater his sophomore year through his at the time girlfriend  and he went on to say “I kinda got pulled into it and it turned out to be a good thing.”  Nick could’ve left the program at anytime but he chose to stay because of the class instructor. Ms. Laguardia is the teacher for all 3 theater classes and Nick stated “She was the reason why I really stuck with the program. She showed me how to become a better actor.”

Many individuals believe that Theater kids are different or weird students, but Nick made sure to let us know that is not the case. About this misconception, NIck went on to say “Sometimes we may appear awkward because we are so tight and buddy buddy with each other, but it’s all in good fun and if you know what is going on, then you know what is going on.”  Performing in front of an audience isn’t always a person’s ‘cup of tea’ but getting involved in Theater class can help you overcome that obstacle. Nick’s advice for someone who wants to join Theater class went as said, “Go for it. No one judges you when you’re auditioning. You develop as a family, you have a good time with the people, and even if you have stage fright or something like that, it’s all stuff you work through. Theater helps you build your confidence in day-to-day activities.”

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Theatre Program featuring Nick Cusmano