Millennium Dance Program featuring Quinlyn Smith

Serelle Hoenigman, Staff

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Millennium’s dance program has been going strong since the school first opened in 1996. We decided to interview a student who attends dance classes here at Millennium to gain a deeper insight and to see what the experience is like for students participating or looking to participate in the class.


Quinlyn Smith has been participating in dance class for 2 years, since her freshman year. There are some misconceptions about dance and when asked about these misconceptions, Quinlyn stated that one of them is “that if you don’t start when you are young, it’s too late once you are older”and she went on to say “….this is not true and there are many famous and amazing dancers who started when they were in high school, or even as adults. It’s never too late.”

People at Millennium who attend the dance programs enjoy the environment and the results of joining are always positive. Another thing Quinlyn had said was, “If you are considering joining dance then definitely join! Again it is never too late to join. There are multiple genres of dance so everyone can find a style that fits them. You will make so many friends and have a great experience.” The Millennium dance program is not only for dancing but to also build friendships with those around you. She would go on to say “Dance is a lot of fun and is a way to let loose. It’s also a way to let your worries go. In dance you meet so many amazing people that have the same interest as you and help push and help make you better.” If you are considering ever going dance, ask anyone who takes it and they will give you positive feedback, and it will be worth giving it a shot.


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Millennium Dance Program featuring Quinlyn Smith