Mr. Bjork

William Walker, Staff

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The medical field can be tedious for some because of the amount of time a student has to attend college to become a Doctor or a Nurse. For Mr. Marc Bjork, however, teaching sciences related to the topic of therapeutic health to a group of young adults is a decent dose of breezy fun. He wants his pupils to be career-ready to have successful lives in their future and he enjoys his job immensely due to his interest in the study of medicinal subjects. Bjork utilizes a teaching style that incorporates a hand-on approach and an assortment of unique lab projects that encourage teamwork. Though Mr. Bjork lives in Arizona, his origin comes far away from the west where Millennium High stands.

                           Mr. Bjork comes from the Northern state of Michigan, where he was born and raised and he lived there as an adult for a few years. While he was in his residence in Michigan, he met an attractive and smart woman who soon became his wife later in his life. Soon, they had two wonderful children who are extremely easy to love. In the year 2004, they decided to move where they currently inhabit: Arizona. Before Bjork got a teaching job at Millennium, he had an occupation in physical therapy and he would later become a teacher at Desert Edge High School, a high school that is in the same district as Millennium. In the present day, he teaches medical science classes and an advisory class at where the Tigers roam around: Millennium High School, the definitive high school for teenagers that occupy the homes of Litchfield Park and Avondale.

                          Mr. Marc Bjork is one of the many teachers at Millennium who make up the majority of the charms of the school for a series of agreeable reasons. He doesn’t stop at anything to help his students succeed in their careers, and the fact that he helped people with physical therapy adds to his ability to get along with. He finds his job to be a fun working position because of his enthusiasm in the medical field and his enjoyment of assisting children. In conclusion, Mr. Bjork is a Michigan-raised saint that can definitely be considered a great influence on the young adults that attend Millennium High School.


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Mr. Bjork