Mrs. Cox

Wiliiam Walker, Staff

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What makes an English class drag on for some people is the fact that they have the feeling that they’ve already learned what they’re being taught. Mrs. Jessica Cox, however, avoids that with her way of teaching fresh lessons and preparing students for what is to come. Cox has a goal for her pupils to be ready for a more challenging life in the future, and to accomplish this, she utilizes many strategies including timed writing to get them comfortable writing in a time limit for their exams and future college tests. Unlike other teachers, she decides to use encouragement to get students to do their work instead of forcing them because it limits their ability to make choices in their future, which is a strong principle in adulthood. But not only is she an amazing English teacher at Millennium; she’s also a spectacular Creative Writing teacher, which at first she thought she couldn’t manage, but now has a passion for it. Mrs. Cox has always enjoyed her job and loves helping her students.


Mrs. Cox got to where she is now by attending a college in Indiana and was influenced by her family to become a teacher. Her father used to be a P.E. teacher, and she was inspired by this, but wasn’t planning to coach Phys Ed. Therefore, she decided to become a high school History teacher instead of an elementary school teacher since she finds high school teaching to be easier. However, after finding that History was already taken, she went with teaching English. She has a daughter and a husband and takes her daughter to go see a lot of animations, and a lot of them she ends up hating. Exceptions to this are the DreamWorks comedy based on the 60’s cartoon called “Mr. Peabody And Sherman” because of it’s ability to appeal to all ages and she enjoys the Disney film “Moana” because of the heartfelt folk tale being told. One thing that Mrs. Cox has revealed is that she is a twin, which can be a surprise for some people.


Overall, Millennium is lucky to have such a kind-hearted, hard-working, energetic teacher such as Mrs. Cox


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Mrs. Cox