Teacher of the Month-Ms. Burdge

William Walker, Staff

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Millennium has started a new program to inspire and encourage our spectacular staff on campus. “Teacher of the Month” is given to a teacher who receives the most nominations out of all of the overall entries that are sent in, according to Mr. Bethel, Assistant Principal.

Mr. Bethel explained the reasoning behind starting Teacher Of The Month is that “People in the front office believe that there is a series of great teachers who work at Millennium, no matter how diverse they are between each other.” He went on to explain that another important role of “Teacher Of The Month” is that the event showcases the amazing abilities of the teachers that leave a positive impact on the students.

Overall, the title of “Teacher Of The Month” belongs to someone who works at Millennium High School that truly has a passion for their job of caring about students no matter what their ability levels are and who volunteers their time outside of the classroom such as clubs, events, and leading other teachers. A great example of this is none other than Ms. Burdge, AKA “Ms. B”, who currently teaches Freshman English and who has taken over the Journalism and Yearbook staff. She has taken the title of “Teacher of the Month” for August as her widespread acclaim by her students and fellow employees for her easy-going teaching style and her overall friendly mood as a  person gave her the most votes this month.

The most passionate students of hers have learned more than academics in her classroom and have expressed appreciative thoughts towards her ability to be both an amazing teacher (that has fun while meaning business) and a good companion who genuinely cares about her students. A common positive trait that is discussed about Ms. Burdge is the fact that she teaches lessons that end up becoming important life skills that many people don’t realize they may need.

      Ms. B has been known to go above and beyond the classroom walls with her valuable lessons on self-discipline. She sells the message of believing in yourself by taking bigger risks with challenges geared towards the brain. According to her students, Ms. Burdge also focuses on the principle of not judging someone just by the way they look and instead focus on who you are as a person and who you surround yourself with. One thing that students can take away from Ms. Burdge’s class is the fact that they become so close to her that they can tell her their problems without feeling awkward and can come to her for advice or just to check in and say hello. What makes her such a likeable presence at Millennium is the fact that in today’s society, she is a bright light due to her charming and positive attitude and her ability to listen to anyone’s opinion, unlike others that only care about their point of view. Expectedly, Mrs. B was extremely delighted to hear that she has won the title of the Teacher Of The Month.

       After receiving “Teacher of the Month” for all of her hard work as a teacher and positive feedback from her peers, Ms. Burdge states “I am completely humbled by this award seeing as how many great teachers we have on campus. I know many others who deserve recognition and I would not be the teacher I am today without the help of others.” As for her parking spot that comes with the award she says “ I’m not gonna lie, it is pretty awesome to have a reserved parking spot. I don’t have to stress out in the morning about getting here super early to get a parking spot!”

When asked about the best part of her job, Ms. Burdge explains that it is the students that make it worth it. “The students make me look forward to going to work. I get to watch my students grow into awesome young adults and I love being a part of that.”

Next month a new teacher will be chosen by their peers, so keep up the great work Millennium teachers!

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Teacher of the Month-Ms. Burdge