2017-2018 Staff

Brenden Piatt


 Brenden is in his 3rd year at Millennium High School and it is his first year taking Journalism . He inspires himself to write and likes writing about his passions such as cars as he loves both watching races and racing cars....

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Alexa Pasillas


This is Alexa's first year taking the Journalism class and she is in her Sophomore year of High School. What she likes the most about Journalism is how she is allowed to write freely about what she likes. She also likes how t...

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Rachael Benton


Rachael Benton, a Junior here at Millennium, is a first year Journalism student with a passion to share her opinion and events. She is inspired by books and magazines and finds joy in writing about fashion. Ms. Benton is currentl...

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Connor Fernandez is a Senior and is in his first year of Journalism. Writing articles about inside ideas from sources within the beat is what he likes the most about Journalism. Growing up, reading Dr. Seuss books and sports arti...

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Serelle Hoenigman


Serelle, a Sophomore at Millennium High Sch0ol, is in her first year of Journalism. Writing about others and what they enjoy doing is the reason she joined Journalism. Serelle looks forward to becoming a better writer. Her teachers a...

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Maddie Wilcox


Maddie, a Senior, is an amazing student with great talents and skills such as being a dancer and model. She now wants to become an author and is in her first year of Journalism and last year of being a Tiger. She intends to e...

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Andrea Palacios


Andrea is taking her second year of Journalism as a Senior. She has been a Millennium Tiger for 3 years now. She enjoys interviewing different students around campus and getting to write a variety of stories for the school to se...

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William Walker


William Walker(16) is a student at Millennium High School. He is currently attending his 2nd year of high school at MHS. What William enjoys about Millennium is the amount of freedom compared to the other schools he has attend...

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