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James Morgan, Writer

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Good morning Tigers! two days ago the boys basketball team dominated the Copper Canyon Aztecs with a final score of 68-30. This article will go over what happened, how they are improving, and what to look for next games.


The Tigers MVP was DaRon Holmes with a monster stat line of 18 points, 12 rebounds, 8 blocks, 5 steals, and 2 assists. Holmes started the game with the tigers first 10 points and blocked the Aztecs first 3 out of 4 of their possessions and had a steal in the 4th one. Holmes is a 6’7 freshman, Yes, you read that right, FRESHMAN. He still has 3 more years to develop his game and it is going to be scary if he grows a few more inches and improves his footwork. Millennium has one of the best future talents starting at just 14 years old!After this season I see DaRon maybe cracking the top 300 for ESPN’s class of 2021 if he continues these types of showoffs against section opponents. Other Standout guys include Coleman Fields who scored 18 points and went 4/6 from 3pt range. “It came from the older guys, when we first came in we were inexperienced, all the older kids helped us out but when we all get older it’s gonna be crazy” Holmes says when asked about how the young guys are making an impact on the team. I could go on and on listing all the impact players on the team but we can save that for another Thursday.


Excluding the tournament visit to Las Vegas, Millennium has been growing better in every aspect of the game. The stats aren’t always going to show it but they are getting better each and every game. The coaches stress getting better at one thing every day, and eventually it will build up and grow into a great player. To the games I have had the pleasure to watch I have seen improvements in rebounding much better than the beginning of the season, and I also see much better ball movement. Earlier in the year the ball movement wasn’t always there to open up a player for a wide open 3 but they have been getting better at that and passing goes hand and hand with floor spacing as well. The team is also getting much more takeaways than before and converting on just about every fastbreak i see. During DaRon’s first quarter 2 nights ago he had 2 instances where he forced the takeaway and converted on the fastbreak points. The other times coming off assists from Eric Fahy and Isaiah Floyd. Another thing they are able to do so well is hitting their contested 3’s. Justus Jackson, Coleman Fields, and Michael Batchelor are just a few of the guys that hit at least 2 threes with a hand in their face. I’m not sure if this is what they have transformed from or if they are just on a hot streak, but nonetheless every 3 helps.


Millennium will be traveling to Tolleson tomorrow night to take on the Wolverines in another section showdown. The Tigers are 6-11(2-0) and Tolleson is 9-8(1-1). The records may favor one side over the other but this game is closer than others might think. The Wolverines are 5-1 on the road while only putting up a measly 1-4 record at home this year. The 3 point contest winner Zach Foster from the pre season will be looking to return very soon as well and may even give a bigger boost to already the excellent 3 point shooting from Millenniums backcourt. The one thing that Millennium is going to have struggles with would probably be the experience level. Tolleson’s roster does not have one underclassmen. That is a good thing and a bad thing. This year will be the peak year for the Wolverines for a few years if they dont get lucky and score a few under class talent. But that means that they will all have experience against the Tigers. I would look to see if DaRon Holmes continues his hot streak, if he keeps that up millennium will have more than just a better chance to go into Tolleson and come out with a W. Also look for the Seniors such as Eric Fahy who finished Tuesday with 11 points and 7 rebounds. Saturday morning the recap of the game will be up for our next coffee notes, but that’s all for now tigers. Tip off at 7:00 PM @ Tolleson High School i’ll expect to see you

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Boys Basketball Coffee Notes