Through the glass

Maddie Wilcox, Staff

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A glass door framed by a silver lining stood in the middle of the room. Spotless. Not a single fingerprint anywhere. The walls around it were decorated with gold and jewels but covered in dust. No one had entered this room for decades. The walls dampened with years of leaking and the once polished floors were now covered in mold and dirt. But the glass door remained untouched by the years of weathering. They had left it to rot alone forgotten in a tucked away cellar. What they had forgotten was the beautiful world this door lead to; fairies, magic, adventure and love. Doesn’t it sound interesting? I thought so too. Let’s start from the beginning shall we. It all started with a two kings on the brink of war in the land locked away by the glass door.

Thunder rumbled and lightning struck telling the people of the trouble that was approaching. War had been looming for decades, but now it knocked on the castle’s front door. Everyone in the kingdom could feel it in their bones, but no one dared say a word. It was almost as if as long as no one talked about it it would never happen. Everyone in the kingdom stayed inside that day and the town became eerily quiet. The only noise to be heard was the rain hitting the ground and the mighty thunder. The only person in the whole realm who seemed to be up and moving was a young boy, the prince. He could feel the tension building by the second and couldn’t take that no one bothered to address it. His father was never one to take action, but he was determined to be a different kind of king. He was going to be a king who stood up for his people, one who was loved but fearfully respected.

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Through the glass