Short Story part 4

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When she awoke from her nap to the woman over the loudspeaker saying ¨Flight 163 last boarding call.¨ She rubbed her eyes and cleared her throat getting up. As she waited in line the girl pulled out her phone and saw that she had a missed call from ´My Love´. Her heart skipped a beat and her hands trembled. She rubbed her eyes again to make sure that she wasn’t seeing anything. Her thumb shook as she hit the call back button. Each ring felt like a lifetime. It had been years since she had heard his voice.

“Hello?” Her voice was soft and sweet. He sat silent for a moment “Hello?” She repeated this time a little louder.

“It’s really nice to hear your voice.” He mumbled barely above a whisper. The line was silent for a moment.

“I’ve waited two years for you to call.” Her voice wasn’t harsh but rather sad and hurt.

“I’ve been trying to call for two years.” He responded softly

“I miss you” She said quickly

“I miss you too baby.” He smiled. There was a comfortable silence on the line. The two had been holding in those words for two years.

“How’s your traveling missions program?” He asked not wanting to hang up

“I’ve finished it. It ended close to four months ago.”

“Why haven’t you come back..?”

“I had no reason to…” Her voice drifted off  ¨We weren’t together anymore and my family moved out of state, so i just decided to stay here.¨

He sighed ¨I always wanted you to come back, but i never had the strength to tell you that.¨ Another silence fell over the line.

¨I’m on my way back. I’m about to board the plane.¨ she said softly


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Short Story part 4