Short Story part 3

Maddie Wilcox, Staff

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She was headed off to the airport to go back home for the summer. She hadn’t visited him since she left, and it was most definitely time to take a vacation. A small part of her hoped she’d run into him while she was in town, but she didn’t even know if he still lived there. Most of her hoped she wouldn’t see him. She knew that her heart couldn’t’ handle seeing his beautiful eyes and smile. She’d break down immediately. The airport was cold and vacant at this time in the morning. She was thankful for her jacket as she clung onto the sleeves wrapping her hands in them. Her dark hair was matted and tangled in a mess but showing she clearly hadn’t cared this particular morning. Her old, stained gray sweatpants hung off her hips loosely. The airport held an air of eeriness with close to no one in it, but she didn’t mind. To her it was peaceful, lacking the screaming children and complaining customers. She sat in the stiff black chairs and leaned back her hand. It had been a rough night. She had almost called her ex-boyfriend three times, but each time she hesitated. Soon, she had drifted off to sleep, dreaming of a boy she used to know.


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Short Story part 3