Week 4

Rachael Benton, Staff

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¨I like going to the gym because if I feel like I’m not strong enough no one else will be able to protect my family.  As a kid, I didn’t grow up with a dad and I didn’t have a lot to look up to so I had to be a father figure for my siblings. A set back in my life is money. Financial problems is a huge deal, it’s like the biggest problem I have right now. My house is under foreclosure and I had a moment where I was down and I felt I had to take control of it because if I don’t fix it, no one else will so I go out and do whatever I can.¨






¨We all hate each other, but in a good way. We’re just a bunch of nerds, kinda weird, nothing to do. Why we say this about ourselves; I don’t know.¨






¨We met at something at Verrado. She did my makeup for a play I was in and then we saw each other again I guess last year in a play here. We had to work together and we saw each other a lot after school. We have common interest so we both can talk about the same things and understand it.¨


¨I like how she’s funny about everything, like nothing’s too serious. ¨





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Week 4