People of Estrella Estates Part 3

Andrea Palacios, Staff

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“I’m a golf professional. I’m a 50 year member of the GBA. I said golf professional, not professional golfer…there is a difference. I just wasn’t quite that good enough to be a player so I became a club pro and I enjoyed my life there. I’ve had some unhappy things happen recently. My wife died in June. Family then took over. The husband of my older daughter took over and they put me here (Estrella Estates Retirement Living). Back then I had a home, a nice one, two vehicles, a big dog, golden retriever blonde. I have no idea what my future is. Right now it’s kind of static.”

“My first wife, she was my high school sweetheart. We got married after the first year of college, we had two children. She passed away and then I met Jane. She was secretary of a Country Club in Scottsdale and I was working there. We were married for 45 years when I lost her and that, that just broke my heart. Boy do I miss her, I could tell you that. I’m still mourning her somewhat. That’s why I’m on medication for what they call anxiety. I could tell you this, it’s no fun. It restricts your life, but nothing I can do about it. Just live with it and get it over with. I was a really active person, so was Jane. We did everything together. We did a lot of things that were expensive. We went on 4 cruises, loved everyone of them. The best one, we went to Panama for 3 weeks. She would have liked to have stayed on the boat and just live there. After that one, we went to Hawaii. I didn’t care much for it. Hawaii’s fine but there’s just too much water. For people that are in love,cruises are fantastic. We’d still have a lot more money if we hadn’t taken any of them, but it was money well spent.”


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People of Estrella Estates Part 3