Week 3

Rachael Benton, Staff

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¨So basically 7th grade, I moved to Western Sky in 7th grade and Isabella already went there from 6th. I liked that Isabella was really generous and nice to everyone she meets, and had nice style.” – Randy

¨When he first came into the class I thought he really was gonna be shy because he was just sitting there so I just didn’t really talk to him for a couple of days. But then we started talking and have been friends ever since.I like that Randy is really confident in everything he does and that he’s always so sure of himself. Randy diving in the dumpster is my favorite memory. He was watching dumpster diving hauls and he decided he wanted to find makeup in the dumpster so we went in the back of Ulta and he dove in and found two lipsticks.¨-Isabella


“The proudest moment of my life is when I swam 100 butterfly in 1:06.  I’ve been swimming for 10 years at the Y and I’m on the school team. College motivates to succeed.  I´d like to swim in college because several colleges could give me a scholarship. In life, my parents are my inspiration, they´re both engineers. They´re supportive for just about anything I do. My parents, my family, and my friends encourage me the most.”




“Ever since I was little I would like to draw and especially now that I’m older, I like expressing my feelings into my art and experimenting more with different types of art. Many things inspire me to do art like music, people around me, and nature. I like doing these activities because it expresses my personality, but no one really inspired me to do it, I just brought it up myself.  I’m trying to get good grade just for the self-accomplishment but time holds me back from reaching my goals because I never feel like I have enough. ‘Iḿ just scared of being alone and not having anyone in the end.¨

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Week 3