News and Updates week 7

James Morgan, Writer

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Welcome back tigers from the 5 day weekend! Out of all the stuffing and turkey I still had the time to be able to somehow talk about student news! Not too much news as a long weekend didn’t have to much news upcoming or too much news over the break for the school as the break was very full of thanks.


This week the school will be holding Wednesday through Friday at 6:00 pm in the auditorium there will be a dance concert held every night! Doors open at 6 and they concert will be starting at 6:30 every night. Tickets are in the bookstore for 3 dollars and at the door they will be 5 dollars.


Saturday November 11th the boys basketball team held a team scrimmage to preview the team this year as long as a dunk contest and a 3 point contest also. Winner of the dunk contest was senior Jhett Wade and the winner of the 3 point contest was Zach Foster. Congratulations to both of them for winning their respective contest. The two teams went head to head with top-off around 8:30 and when the final horn buzzed the score was 55-40 purple team over the white team by a wide margin. The purple team jumped out to an early lead and after that back and forth exchanges took place and the white team could never get a good run of points together to get them back into the game. November 28th at 7:00 pm in the main gym will be the Boys basketball very first game against Red Mountain who finished 18-9 and the last 12 games 12-1 to end the season last year. The Tigers are looking forward to a great season this year and build a base for a winning team for years to come.


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News and Updates week 7