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We had the opportunity to talk to senior citizen Paul from a Paradise for Parents. The 86 year old has had a very successful life with only working at one place all his working career, getting married, having 3 kids, and retiring and living with his wife at a Paradise for Parents.

He started off his life by doing great in school. When asked about school, Paul stated, “In Ohio, grade school was 6 years, junior high was 3 years, and high school was another 3 years. School was pretty easy for me. I graduated all of my classes with honors and even went to college for a 2 years and then got a job at the ARMCO Steel Corporation where I worked all the way until I retired.” One of Paul’s jobs during the time he worked at a steel mill was a mailboy. He says “I started out at a steel plant as a mailboy where I drove a little Crosley car (pictured below) around the plant twice a day delivering mail to the various departments and staff.” Another job that Paul had just a year later at that same mill was making coke, a fuel with few impurities and a high carbon content made usually from coal.  “When I worked on the coke plant, there were 64 coke ovens, we kept coal in them for 16 hours and by the time we took them out, it turned into coke. The coke then went to a blast room to be distributed out in various forms. Before all of that we would unload 20 to 22 carloads of coal everyday 7 days a week”


“This was all in Middletown Ohio where I worked all the way up until I retired. Thats where I was born and raised. The ARMCO Steel Corporation had their headquarters in the city very close by where they employed around 16,000 people. They also had another 2 smaller steel mills and there were also 6 paper mills that employed quite a few people. If you graduated high school than you would have no issue getting a job in that town because of all of the people they employ.”


Paul was also very happy with only working at this steel mill his entire career and said “The company really is good to their employees. I started out at the bottom making little and I wound up as one of the highest paid people in the whole plant as the general superintendent. It was very good, I enjoyed being there, I enjoyed the work that I did and I would definitely go back. I took a somewhat early retirement. I retired when I was 75. Now I’m up to 86 but I’m feeling really good.”


Not only was Paul very successful in his work life, but also his family life. “I got married and had 3 children. My wife was a beautician. She only worked 2 days a week and had some of the richest ladies in town come to her. I was in a large family and had 5 sisters and 1 brother totaling 7 children in our family. All 5 of my sisters went to her beauty shop and I just got to know her and just absolutely fell in love with her. We spend lots of time together still and I’m so happy to have lived the great life that I’m still living.”


Paul was very great to talk to and one piece of advice that he had to add  was “There is a big difference between being smart and working hard. Everyone has the potential to be smart, but you have to work hard to get what you want in life. No matter how smart you are, how hard you work will determine the path your life goes down.”


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