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“I own this home with my wife and another couple investors. I used to live in Minnesota and I owned a lot of rental of homes that I rented to college students or people in their first jobs. Another investor told me that if I liked rental properties that retirement homes were even better. I looked into it and really liked it. There’s a big need for it down here and I had two kids going to Arizona so we decided to buy something and move down here. They’re very big houses with six to eight pages, so we can fit ten people in each house. Some of the rooms are shared rooms and some are private rooms.”


“I used to be a pilot. I’m retired Air Force and flew for US Air. WHen 9/11 happened they laid off a ton of pilots, and I was one of the guy who got laid off. There were no pilot jobs because all the airlines were a lot of trouble. So I went and found a business job but got to stay with the airplane industry…I went to the Air Force academy which is like West Point. Then I went to flight school down in Phoenix. I was stationed in Japan for a couple of years. And then I was stationed in Florida. I was deploying so much that when my daughter was born and I came back from deployment she didn’t recognize me. The night before I left she started crawling and when I got back she was walking. I was like I gotta get out of here. There’s no way I’m gonna miss my daughter growing up… [in Japan] I worked as a VIP transport. We would fly them over seas and then have a few days off. It was awesome. We were in five star hotels and got to mess around for a few days before we had to fly them back. We got to hang out with seals, and we would go out to party with them. We’d go sleep and they would go out for a late night run.”

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