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“I’ve had many exciting times in my life. One of them was I was at the airport and there was an empty chair beside me. A young man came and asked me if he could sit there. I said sure! There was no one else sitting there and it wasn’t my chair. We got to talking, and it was Joe Dimaggio…It just broke my heart when James Garner died, but we all go sometime. Except me, they keep sending me back! Oh I’ve had five death experiences, and every time they sent me back. I keep saying they don’t want me here they don’t want me here, so what am I going to do now? In January of ‘74 I had blood clots in my lungs and I died. He (referring to her husband) gave me this ring. I asked him what for and he said it’s just because I love you.”

“I was 18 when I got married. I was 15 when I met him and we were in a park. He came from one way and I from the other, and we met in the middle. I was 15 and he was 17. And he was from North Carolina honey, Cheroke Irish. Oh god he was handsome. I went home and I told my mother I met the boy i was going to marry. And my mother said “Oh you’re gonna meet a lot of boys.” He came to the house to visit and then went off to the service and came home on leave and proposed to me. I met him in ‘42. He proposed to me in ‘43 and we were married in ‘45. All in July. We were married just 38 days short of 38 years when he passed away. We were sitting planning what we put in for retirement, and he told me that when we got home he’d take me traveling to see what he saw through the windshield. I said “Well Honey if you don’t feel better tomorrow we aren’t going home. And he said if I don’t feel tomorrow i’ll go- and then he was gone. That fast. He was such a beautiful man. I used to laugh because he was from North Carolina but didn’t have no accent. My husband died when I was 56. I could just die in his blue eyes.”

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