Friday Frenzy featuring Football Player Isaiah Ydaurte

James Morgan, Reporter

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Isaiah Ydaurte is a Senior athlete on the football team who sat down with me to talk about his position and inspirations. He has been playing for Millennium for the past 4 years since his Freshman year of High School. He loves the energy and passion that big crowds bring, so make sure to attend the next game to support Isaiah and the rest of our hardworking Tigers!

Q:Why did you decide to join Football?

It is a legacy my family has left behind, I would like to carry it out further for future generations as well.

Q:How long have you been interested in playing Football?

All my life, I can’t think of a time where I wasn’t watching a cardinals game or trying to get in  play during my little flag football league

Q:What or who inspires you?

My dad, he introduced me to my family’s tradition and showed me what football is all about.

Q:What is your favorite thing about Football?

The passion I have always had for football. Everything about the game drives me to be better and better.

Q:What do you want people to know about playing Football?

Homecoming games are LIT! Big games like home openers, homecomings, and rivalry games like Westview and games like that are the best because the whole team gets a chance to show off to the big crowds of people that attend the games.

Q:What is a common misconception about playing this sport?

People just think it’s running around hitting each other and it’s much more than that. There is a whole lot more that goes into a football game. Football is a game of numbers and inches, for example, 6 men in the box, run the ball! 1 on 1 on the outside with our best receiver? Throw him the ball! Plays, routes, blocking schemes, athletic ability, there is a lot more than just running around and hitting people with my helmet.

Q:What would you say to someone who is considering playing Football?

Make sure you can and will put in the time in the weight room and on the field to get better and better as you as a player progresses into something better than what you were your first year.

Q:What is the hardest part about your sport?
The hardest thing about football is probably the hard practices and have no time to have a social life. You really have to commit a lot of your time and some things will have to be cut out of your life to make time for football. 5 out of 7 days I’m busy after school until 6:30-7. Football is very time consuming and that’s the hardest thing about football but it’s worth it!



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Friday Frenzy featuring Football Player Isaiah Ydaurte