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Highlighting Seniors and Their Scholarship Achievements

Ben Williams, Journalist

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Scholarships are a hot commodity among students worldwide, but especially in the United States where having a college education is almost a must-have. Obtaining a scholarship is a difficult process and it usually pertains to excelling at a specific area of education or some form of extracurricular activity.

Here at Millennium, many students have earned scholarships through sweat and tears to obtain a better education for themselves. One student in particular, Delila Baca, a senior here at MHS, has earned almost $10,000 by keeping a GPA of 4.0 her entire High School career. “Over the course of four years, it definitely became more and more challenging with having to balance extracurricular activities, work, school, and a social life,” she explains.

It was no easy feat obtaining such a big amount of money, but she accomplished this through hard work and determination. She even gives some advice to those looking to acquire an endowment by explaining that student should, “Search for scholarships prior to senior year.”

Baca also elaborates and says that procrastination could hinder your chances at your scholarships. Many students look up to her for her financial success through scholarships. One student, Gabby Aragon, another senior, says that she “always aspires to be a ‘Delila’.”

Another senior from our school, Dylan Vosberg, also earned a heavy sum of money from working diligently and using his athleticism to excel at baseball. He plans to attend a University in North Dakota and has earned about $14,000 in scholarships from his excellent work on the field.

He goes into saying that “it was hard getting a scholarship because I had to work hard at baseball for years and years for it,” which is an amazing feat in itself. He too gives some advice, explaining that “you must work hard at whatever you do or whatever you’re interested in.”
These assiduous students have earned these scholarships from honest work, and so can many other students looking to be rewarded for their time. There are many opportunities for students, especially those who are upcoming Juniors or Seniors. For more information, be sure to check in with the guidance or your counselors about some possibilities to have an easier college experience.

Being industrious and caring about your high school career can lead to many beneficial things for you!

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The student news site of Millennium High School
Highlighting Seniors and Their Scholarship Achievements