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The Laramie Project is Coming Soon to Millennium

Alysa Alfaro, Journalist

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 Ms. Laguardia has recently joined the Drama department, allowing her to take on new plays that are normally not performed at schools. To begin her time as a part of this committee, she has taken on the challenge of recreating The Laramie Project. In an interview, Ms. Laguardia has answered questions concerning the play.

What is The Laramie Project?

The Laramie Project is a drama based on the actual event in Laramie, Wyoming in 1989 when a young boy was murdered because he was gay. The play is made up of the multiple interviews taken from the people during the tragedy. The interviews come from the simple people like those at the scene of the crime, witnesses, lawyers, and doctors. It also holds the more emotional interviews of the boy’s parents, the police officers, and the murderer. Each interview contains how this murder has affected them.

Although it sounds like a plethora of options it truly is an existential play.

Interviewer: “Do you believe this play will motivate the students into achieving something or help them in any way?”

Ms. Laguardia: “I hope that it will open the minds to everyone to think about keeping an open mind to the different minds of people. We are all just people and to bully someone that is different from you is just not acceptable.”

The Laramie Project is a play connecting to daily issues and topics of today. Teens know that there is a more open homosexual community even in their own school, such as Millennium’s own GSA (Gay-Straight Alliance).

As sad as it is, people know that there are students still facing harassment and threats for being different from the societal norm. There are depressing cases of children being either killed or committing suicide from such pressures. A public display of such a crime will bring up moral and provoking thoughts.

Interviewer: “Is the play and actors meeting the expectations you had set up for in the beginning of production?”

Ms. Laguardia: “I believe the actors are working hard to get the job done. I believe they will get the job done. This is our first serious play and I have high hopes.”

The actors are taking a large load concerning this project. Each actor is to take on 7-8 different characters at most. Some of these characters are going to be difficult for some actors since each character may display a different belief or support a point of view outdated or offensive to the actor.

Most characters are not someone you would like to meet in real life or would be accepted today, but each story has a side and each side has a different view or belief. All actors participating in the show have a hard job ahead of them, but in witnessing their hard work and motivation, success is inevitable.

Interviewer: “Do you plan to take this play into a more public manner?”

Ms. Laguardia: “I  certainly hope it reaches farther. I hope to involve it into the GSA and the community at large.”  

A play such as this deserves public praise and that is exactly what they plan for it to receive. To recognize a topic as graphic and relatable as this is important.

Something to keep in mind is that it is not a family friendly show. There is adult language and dangerous themes that are not typically done at the high school level. It could be considered scary to venture down such a difficult topic, but to open these conversations is necessary.

There are children that must feel they are in a safe environment when struggling with these issues and they must be recognized. This play should bring families closer and take a step towards creating a more open-minded community.

The Laramie Project is a play unlike any production that has taken place at Millennium. It does not tell the audience how to think about an opinion and leave them open to many different opinions. It allows teenagers and adults to hear the many possible perspectives and how an action can change the life of many.

Interviewer: “What are your final thoughts?”

Ms. Laguardia: “Come out and see it! It is definitely a thought provoking play and will teach everyone something important. We hope to see many students there.”


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The Laramie Project is Coming Soon to Millennium