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Brenden Piatt, Staff

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Have you ever been interested in joining an extracurricular activity or after school club? Millennium has nearly thirty clubs to join and everyone of them is different from the other to fit everyone’s likes, wants, and needs. On this new segment “Club Spotlight”, we will discuss many of these clubs from art club to creative writing club to graphic design club. There is a place for everyone. During Club Spotlight we highlight and showcase those clubs for people to get more information on them. In this edition, the club spotlight shines on the very popular Key Club. Key Club is a club that mostly involves volunteer work. It is every Monday and includes many diverse activities that help others who need it. We interviewed a multi-year member of Key Club and student of Millennium High School Carlos Campirano and here is what he had to say:

Q: In just a couple of sentences, could you give a brief summary on Key Club for those who don’t know what it is?

A: Key Club is a club that almost completely involved volunteer work that involves helping others and those who need help.

Q: What kind of volunteer work does that include and who do you help?

A: We volunteer for really anything and just help those that need it most. One of the things we do is the blood drive. Every year we are the people who are in charge of running the blood drive and do it because there are people who might have been hurt and need to have a blood transfusion to even save their life. We just try to do whatever we can to help help others and that includes running the blood drive to help donate blood.

Q: How did you first find out about Key Club?

A: I first found out about it two years ago in my freshman year during club rush during lunch and decided to look into a couple of clubs including Key Club. I also heard about it since it is one of the more popular clubs and heard others talk about it occasionally.

Q: So why did you decide to actually join?

When I was at club rush it sounded pretty interesting and I also knew a couple of people in it. I also really wanted to join a club because because I really want to go to college. Things such as involvement in clubs and lots of volunteer work looks good on college applications and could even raise your chances on getting into a good college.

Q: Why should I join?

A: Like I said, if you are looking to get into college, joining a club helps those chances and also in Key Club you build character and social skills with others which is good too. Also by joining you help others who need it the most. It is very satisfying knowing that you are helping others and makes you feel very good about what you’re doing. If you were someone who needed help you would probably want help. That is what we do. So if you like helping others and giving back then you should join Key Club.

Q: When are your club meetings?

A: We meet every Monday right after-school at around 2:15 in the Tiger’s den.

Key Club is a great club to join and develops lifelong skills that you will use forever. Carlos was very passionate about this club and this will be his third year in it. Meetings are every Monday after-school at 2:15 in the Tiger’s den. Clubs are a great thing to join and if you have doubts about joining one and/or are even remotely interested in joining, attend just one meeting to see for yourself what this club is all about.

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