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Brenden Piatt, Staff

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In this week’s segment of club spotlight, we explored Millennium’s Graphic Design Club led by Joe Kinkel. Graphic design is the process of visual communication and problem-solving using one or more of typography, photography and illustration. In this club students will learn or expand their knowledge on graphic design and the other skills listed above. Similar to classes such as digital photography and graphic design, this club is just used to additionally enhance those skills. We interviewed an anonymous Millennium High School student on this club.


Q: In just a couple of sentences can you describe Graphic Design Club?

A: It’s just like the class and really we just learn how to use stuff like photoshop. The club doesn’t really have much work like the class and it’s just for fun instead of for school.


Q: How did you first find out about this club?

A: I was taking the Graphic Design club and our teacher told us about it a couple of times.


Q: What made you actually decide to join this club?

A: Well my teacher last year for graphic design told us about it and I really liked the class so I tried it out and I liked it.


Q: Why should I join?

A: If you liked the class or like using computers or want to learn more about how to use computers and photoshop and stuff you should join. It’s really fun and helps you learn more about how to use these things.


Q: When are club meetings?

A: Meetings are every Monday and Thursday in room 712 from 2:30 to 3:30.


If you are interested in technology, using resources such as photoshop, or interested in a career in graphic design then this would be a great club for you to join. It further enhances skills and efficiency in technology and helps prepare you for this line of work.

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Graphic Design