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Brenden Piatt, Reporter

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Do have an affinity for writing? Do you like to have the ability to write freely about numerous creative topics freely without having the restrictions of all of the rules in school? Creative Writing club is the club for you. Creative writing club is the same thing as the creative writing class, but with much more freedom. Members are unrestricted to the many rules of school and the club is much more open and unconstrained than being in the class. There is much less pressure and more time to truly show how good of a writer you really are. Student William Walker was interviewed on this club and was very passionate about being in it. Here is what he had to say:


Q: In a brief summary, what is creative writing club?

A: Creative Writing club is just like the class. You write about what the teacher tells you to in your own way and how you want to tell the story. After the time we have to write about the prompt, we all talk about what we all wrote about in our groups and it’s actually really fun doing it.


Q: How did you first find out about creative writing club?

A: I actually found out about it because my mom told me about it. She actually works at Millennium so she knows a lot about the school.


Q: Why did you actually take the steps to actually join?

A: I really just wanted to be more social and outgoing sort of, and clubs are good for helping with that sort of thing.


Q:You could have joined any club then, so why did you choose Creative Writing?

A: When I first found out about the club I decided to join right away because writing has always been a passion of mine and I really wanted to do more of that.


Q: Why should people join?

A: You should just join if you really like writing like me and want to join a club. If you liked Creative Writing the class then you should really like the club even more.


Q: When does this club meet?

A: Meetings are in Mrs. Cox’s room. T225 in the T building on Mondays after school.


If you or someone you know have even been thinking about joining or have the natural liking for writing, then they should definitely try to attend!


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