Police Officer

Serelle Hoenigman, Staff

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Andrew Hoenigman has been in the police department for 16 years .His job is a challenging one  and can be stressful at times.The reason he wanted to work as a police officer is he wanted to have the opportunity to help people and to do some good in the world while giving back to the community .The only thing needed to become a police officer is to have a High School Diploma and not a  G.E.D. When someone joins the department they have to go through grueling training for the first 16 weeks  and then every year from then on out you have to do training along with the new recruits . You also have to be able to communicate well with others, must be able to handle stress well, and must be able to act well under pressure or very stressful situations .

Andrew says that the good days are when he really gets to help people, “ Getting to work with people and being able to help people in bad situations is the best part of the job.”

Andrew packs a lunch for himself but he also packs extra food for those who are in need of it at the time. “The hardest part, “Andrew said, “ is seeing children suffer, and the people suffer because of bad decisions they have made in their life. ”Everyone has their own opinions but Andrew said that the one thing he wish people knew about his job is that police officers are not bad and the majority of officers are trying to do the right thing and better people’s lives .

Andrew’s typical day is busy for the most part. He starts work at 9 pm and goes into what’s called a “briefing meeting” where the officers get info on what’s occurred during the day. They then go out onto the streets, answer radio calls, and enforce the laws for a  9 hour shift .

The biggest advice he would give to someone who is considering becoming an officer “is to really look into how dangerous the job is and see if you really have what it takes to deal with the kind of stress the police have to deal with everyday. Make sure you are aware of what it takes to do the job right “ .

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Police Officer