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Serelle Hoenigman, Staff

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Jessie Leach is a program specialist, in Student Life and Leadership, working at Glendale Community College . Her job consists of working with club organizations, managing the student union and helping out with paper work for the clubs’ traveling and spending money. In college, she was involved in Student Life and has been involved with it for over ten years. “I love that every moment is a learning opportunity, even if something might be perceived as a failure, there is an opportunity to reflect and learn from every experience. I like that I get to do structured tasks like a regular office job, and then I also get to do fun things like hand out popcorn, run events, and give campus tours.” Jessie goes on to say how fun college is because when kids get into college, they think it is just school work and nothing but pure stress, however, there are ways for the kids to relieve that stress. Jesse stated,  “There are so many benefits for students to get involved in activities beyond classes.”  Most college students tend to think all she does is plan parties but Jessie said, “People think that I just plan parties for students. In reality, even giving out pizza in the middle of the day has an educational purpose. For example,  feeding students is always good, it helps publicize whatever event is going on at the same time, it also creates a connection between my office and the students that partake of the pizza. When they go home and tell their families about how awesome it was and that they got free pizza, it really helps with recruitment.” Overall, once you graduate High School and move onto bigger things, if you find yourself on a college campus, seek out the Program Specialist in order to stay connected to the events going on around you!


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Community College Program Specialist