Truck Driver

Alexa Pasillas, Staff

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Some people might say that being a truck driver is an easy and boring job but according to Jesus Pasillas, a truck driver at Greco and Sons, it is not an easy job by a long shot. Jesus’ favorite position in this job is a driver. He has been in the truck driving field for 8 years and started because he was looking to get a license in something that would further his life and he thought truck driving would be an exciting field to work in. He states that anyone looking to get into the trucking business doesn’t have to be a perfect student, however you must love driving and taking road trips, which stood out to him because it fits him very well. His favorite thing about this job is getting to go deliver in California because he was born and raised in California- so he enjoys getting to go to his home town. The hardest part about his job is having to work nights and picking up and delivering food. This can be a difficult job since he’s also having to leave his family at extended periods of time. Jesus wishes that people would realize and appreciate the amount of work truck drivers put in and how difficult the job really can be. According to Jesus it takes a lot of studying, time, and focus to get your licenses but it is very possible to get it. Some advice that Jesus Pasillas wants others to know is, “No matter how hard and how much time it takes you can do it, nothing is impossible”.

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Truck Driver