Millennium iTiger is written for students by students. The staff is comprised of hardworking journalists ready to give the best news possible in an economic and convenient manner.

New Segments have been added this year for our students to cover and share with Millennium. Below is a description of each category we have added.

People of Millennium Mondays: 

Students and staff are asked one of the below questions to catch a snapshot of their life.

  1.       When was the saddest moment of your life?
  2.       What motivates you to succeed?
  3.       What holds you back from reaching your goals?
  4.       Is your life going the way you envisioned?
  5.        What struggles are you facing right now?
  6.       When did you feel the most proud of yourself?
  7.       Who inspires you to do your best?
  8.         What frightens you? (Explain that it isn’t like spiders or heights, but perhaps failure or losing someone)
  9.         What encourages you?
  10. When was the happiest moment of your life?

People of Estrella Estates (posted on Mondays as well): 

Residents at Millennium’s neighboring retirement community are interviewed to bring to life the rich history that resides there. They are asked one of the questions below:

  1. What was the hardest accomplishment you’ve achieved?
  2. When was the happiest moment of your life?
  3. When did you feel the most proud of yourself?
    What encourages you?
  4. What is your fondest memory?
  5. What makes you smile?
  6. What makes you proud today?
  7. What is your favorite story to tell?

Teacher Tuesdays: 

A spotlight is on one of our spectacular Millennium High School staff members.

Write about it Wednesdays:

Our Journalists will provide a variety of reading each Wednesday that covers short stories, reviews, how to’s , opinion articles, etc.

The Arts Thursday:

A focus on Millennium High School’s Fine Arts and CTE Courses.

Frenzy Friday: 

A look into Millennium High School’s athletic programs.

Club / Organization Spotlight:

Going inside and getting a real look at Millennium High School’s many clubs and organizations for students.

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