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World War 3?

Alysa Alfaro, Journalist

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As many of you have heard, the U.S is stating that North Korea wants to go into war with America. Why do they want to go into  war with America?

The reason is that North Korea has been testing their missiles and the U.S. believes that it is a threat to America and any other country. America, being as powerful as it is, wants North Korea to stop their testing or we will show them who has more nuclear weapons.

America’s president, Donald J. Trump, has been name-calling North Korea. He has been acting like a teenage adult. His last tweet stated that North Korea was a “menace” after going into a meeting with the president of China about what is going on with our situation with North Korea.

As all of America knows, Donald Trump is known for the tweets he sends out not thinking twice about what he is putting out in public. North Korea has done no harm to any country as far as we know, for they are a weak country at this moment. The last thing they seek is a war with one of the three powerful countries in the world.

Moreover, there are always two sides to a war, and North Korea says they won’t bomb our bases over in the Pacific Ocean if America doesn’t throw a missile at them. North Korea’s missiles can’t even reach Japan, so there is really no harm they can do to America, but they can reach our bases that are over there. America wants North Korea to get rid of their nuclear weapons, but not only them. America wants every country to just for the reason that they don’t want another war to start. None of them want to do it just because they know there is going to be a country that won’t do it.

The people of America don’t like how the President Donald J. Trump is acting over this situation, for the President can do one wrong move and then we could actually truly go into World War 3 with Russia defending North Korea because they did nothing wrong. Russia’s ships, at this point, are right next to the ships that we sent into the Pacific Ocean, in case the U.S wants to throw a missile at North Korea for North Korea testing their missiles.

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World War 3?