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Top 5 Tourist Locations in Germany

Michael Sondermann, Presseamt St

Michael Sondermann, Presseamt St

Melody Moneda, Journalist

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Has the thought of visiting Germany ever passed through your mind? No? Well, even if it hasn’t, taking a short trip to this iconic country will open your eyes the the many wonders of the world. Even though Germany has an unpleasant past, the land itself is beautiful, and will definitely be worth the trip.

When you come to Germany, there will be places you are dying to see. Places that are beautiful, historical, or both. Here are the top 5 locations to visit in Germany as recommended by experienced travelers and past residents of the area (not in order).


  • Bad Godesberg Castle

Located in Bad Godesberg, Germany, the Bad Godesberg castle is a beautifully crafted castle located upon a greenery induced hill. In order to reach the castle grounds, one has to hike up to it by using a path and stairways. Although the hike is a little tough, Annie Moneda (age 47), a past resident in the Godesberg area says that, “While it may be difficult, the hike is definitely worth it.” Plus, since I’ve taken a trip to Bad Godesberg to see my mother’s old house, I can assure you that it was absolutely breathtaking when we finally reached the castle.

The castle is free to roam around, and sometimes celebrations are held at this location. When we visited, a party had just finished, and we were one of the only ones there, other than the employees. As we entered the castle, I was surprised at how small everything inside was, including the stairs.

I learned that knights with pounds and pounds of armour and weapons went up and down these stairs and hallways on a daily, and it amazed me; I wondered how they could all fit. Climbing up the castle to the top was also another excruciating task, as said by Mariah Moneda (age 19).

The narrow hallways, and thin rails kept everyone on edge. However, once we reached the top of the castle, and had the opportunity to overlook the entirety of Bad Godesberg, we realized that all of those steps were definitely worth it. Although there were a few bees at the summit, the Bad Godesberg Castle is an absolute must see when in Germany.


  • Kolin Dom

An enormous structure that began construction August, 15, 1248, and stands at 516’ is the Cologne Cathedral, also known as Kolin Dom, is located in Bonn, Germany.

This immense building is impossible to fit into one picture on a normal smart phone due to its vastness. Mariah Moneda said that, “The church would only fit in one photo by using a wide angle lens, or taking a satellite picture.” The Cologne Cathedral towered over all the surrounding buildings; nothing could compare to this complex and mammoth building.


Upon entering this impressive structure, one becomes lost for words. Inside, massive pillars soared to the sky, colors emitted from each piece of glass, and the amount of people was just a little too much to bear. Manolo Moneda (55), a man with great intellectual ability eagerly stated that, “Everything was huge! And the building was so tall that my neck began to ache from glancing at the ceiling too often for too long!” He couldn’t believe his eyes, and neither will you.






  • Beethoven Statue


During our stroll through the city of Bonn, Germany, my family and I stumbled upon an interesting statue. It wasn’t until we approached it did we realize that it was on of my favorite composers of all time. The statue was of Ludwig van Beethoven, a German composer who was a prominent musical figure during the transitional time of the Classical and Romance eras.



This statue is iconic, and right next to the Cologne Cathedral. “It filled me up with so much inspiration that I didn’t know what to do with even half of it,” as said by Mariah Moneda. She couldn’t stop taking pictures of Beethoven in all his glory because he was an interesting and creative individual. As you advance towards the large bronze creation, a sense of encouragement rushes through you, and it will allow you to enjoy the remainder of the city in peace.




  • Brandenburg Gate

The Brandenburg Gate is a symbol of peace and unity after the division of Berlin and Germany during the Cold War. This monument is considered one of the most prominent landmarks throughout all of Germany. Many people come to this gate all over the world. Almost all of the Embassies are located near and around the Brandenburg Gate. Manolo Moneda would point out each embassy, and explain who it was that owned these buildings, along with an explanation on what the embassies were actually for. It was a very informing experience.

As you walk around the area, you notice many things, the main one being how many different kinds of people, cars, and vehicles there were. It astonished me at how amazing this landmark actually was. Upon seeing it with my own eyes, I was ecstatic. I could not believe that I was seeing a gate of history and importance. By visiting the Brandenburg Gate, I was able to notice the diversity and peace in Berlin, Germany.




  • Berlin Wall

The last, but most famous location to visit in Germany would be the Berlin Wall. The Berlin Wall’s history is amazing and intriguing. During World War II, Berlin was separated by a large wall due to Hitler’s belief in communism. This wall prevented the Allied Powers to send supplies and resources to West Berliners; it was a huge conundrum.

Plus, due to the amount of time the wall was up and used(1961-1989), Manolo Moneda was able to witness this divide in action; he was in Berlin before government officials opened the wall.

While walking past, and through the wall, into and out of East and West Berlin, you will be able to witness a historical divide. Although not so much now, it is easy to determine which side is which. However, despite its sorrowful past, the Berlin Wall is now covered with beautiful and creative murals by all different kinds of artists from all around the world.

Not only will you become enlightened with these paintings, but all along the Berlin Wall are blown up pictures explaining and telling its story. You will definitely never regret visiting an iconic structure such as this.

Germany is a country full of monuments, famous statues and buildings, along with a towering church. As you explore this historic country, you begin to feel content because now you realize just how important it is to travel around the world, discovering and learning new and interesting cultures.


Pictures and Images provided by Mariah Moneda and Google.

Special thanks to the Moneda Family for sharing their Europe experience.

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Top 5 Tourist Locations in Germany